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Non Followers

People who don't follow you back on Instagram and unfollow them in a single single click.

Recent Unfollowers

Find people who unfollowed you recently. Ever wondered why your followers count are decreasing.

Mass Unfollow

Easily unfollow 20(free version) or 200(paid version) people in single click. Give rest to your fingers.


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App Main Screen

A consolidated screen to access all the features with a single touch.

Non Followers

Find people who don't follow you back on Instagram and unfollow them in a single single click.

Global Shoutout

Easiest way to increase your followers on Instagram. Get the audience you deserve with Follow Cop.

What reviews are saying


since my other follower tracking app wasn't working, I settled on using this. After testing the accuracy, I decided to find a new one and found this one, and this one is possibly better than the first one I had. Super helpful and accurate, easy to use and glad I found a new follower tracking app. Tsym!.

App User

Working great for me! Theres not that many ads tbh and it is actual easy to use. It is so interesting and kind of hurtful to see WHO actually isn't following you back! This app is definitely what I needed in my life. As a point of interest. I'd make a option to have the ability to unfriend a higher number of followers as well as a low one.


It does what it claims. I use this app to check my unfollowers on my fanpage. It has the recent unfollowers tab which is very useful. It also has global shoutouts option which I haven't used yet. You can manage more than one account in this app. Yes, it contains advertisements but they are bearable. All in all this app is good for unfollowers on Instagram. I recommend this app.


I was so mad when my last IG follow app stopped working and had little hope for this one, but after using it for a couple weeks I already like it way more than my last one that I used for years. Much more intuitive and some better features. I recommend if you use IG for your business.


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Just download the app from the store. Simple, nice and user-friendly application. Only relevant and useful information.